Tracyann Lek
Diploma of Acupuncture (NZ)
NZ Registered Acupuncturist
NZ Registered Nurse
ACC Treatment Provider

Tracyann's philosophy is to use a wide range of treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to create the right TONIC for you.



Acupuncture-based treatments suitable for a wide range of conditions including stress-related conditions, insomnia, sports injuries, childhood illness, and pregnancy-related conditions. Treatment may also include cupping, moxa heat stick, massage, heat lamp and Reiki (Level 1).


Tracyann uses a combination of therapeutic massage techniques based on training she has done in Swedish, Shiatsu, Tuina/Acupressure massage to release 'knots', relax tight muscles, and re-establish energy flow in channels according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tracyann's aim is to help you create balance in your body.

Each treatment is tailor made for the area you want worked on - whether you're wanting to release knots in your shoulders, relax muscles in your back, arms or legs, indulge in a relaxing facial massage (using gorgeous organic aromatherapy oils), a de-stressing head massage, or have a pampering foot bath followed by a lower leg massage with gorgeous rose or refreshing mint essential oils. You can either come in just for massage, or add a massage onto your acupuncture treatment. You're welcome to discuss treatments with Tracyann to work out the best option for you.

Hot Stone Massage

If you love heat from hot water bottles, wheat bags, and hot showers you'll love this truly indulgent massage! It simply melts your tension away.

Tracyann uses a combination of moving and stationary hot stone techniques. You can have a wonderful 50 minute hot stone massage of your back, neck and shoulder. Or a 1 1/2 hour treatment combining an acupuncture treatment (45 minutes) followed by a hot stone massage (45 minutes). The ultimate pamper is to have a two hour, full body, hot stone massage that will leave you totally mellow and relaxed... Perfect in the middle of winter to chase the cold out of your bones.

Facial Rejuvenation

Gentle facial acupuncture designed to lift, sculpt and even out your skin tone. Plus a rebalancing acupuncture body treatment followed by a facial massage with organic aromatherapy oils. A course of 12 treatments over 12 weeks is recommended.


Acupuncture 60 mins $75
ACC Surcharge   $35
Children (12 years & under) follow up treatments 45 mins $55
Acupuncture + body massage 90 mins $120
Acupuncture + face & head massage 90 mins $135
Acupuncture + hot stone back massage 90 mins $135
Body massage 60 mins $85
Face & head massage (organic aromatherapy oils) 60 mins $110
Relaxing foot bath + foot & leg massage 90 mins $120
Hot Stone Massage    
Back/neck/shoulders 50 mins $85
Acupuncture + hot stone back massage 90 mins $135
Full body 2 hours $195
Facial Rejuvenation 2 hours $200
5 treatments paid in advance 5% off $950
10 treatments paid in advance 10% off $1800
Includes face & body acupuncture, face & head massage, aromatherapy oils
Tonic Vouchers    
Spoil someone special - vouchers can be written for the treatment of your choice, or $ amount